BBsNetwork by BunBuns

Security FirstšŸ”’

Security is most important to us. We only use trusted software and keep our servers constantly up to date. Our network is always monitored for unexpected events which get blocked.

Personalized HostingšŸ¤ø

We understand that today a server is not just that. Today every server has it's own needs. Based on these we will deploy and maintain them for you letting you have all the fun and none of the hassle.

Hosting with LovešŸ’—

Server hosting is our passion. We do not try to overprice and take care of all of our customers like they ware our best friends.

Free WebsitešŸŒ

If you host a game-server with us we will provide you with a free website hosted with Plesk.


Our worker bunnies will help you out whenever you need help through discord dms! WE attempt to have one person assist you and you only!


Imagination is your only limit. As long as you can come up with something we will try to full-fill it!